come what may

on the farm, as in any endeavor, an air of the unpredictable is ever steady, constantly close. temperature, weather patterns, plans, and moods are erratic or unexpected. the ground freezes, or sits in a muddy mess without signs of ever drying up. or the field sits dry and waiting for rain. and then the pressure tank freezes and explodes open, leaving you with no way to irrigate except linking together ten hoses to reach from farmhouse to greenhouse.

the cows got into the fields yesterday, and trampled new beds, emerging seedlings, and created general mayhem among all parties. it was more amusing than anything for me, with no major harm done, but goodness if you don’t have to just roll with the punches in this and all things, to keep your sanity and to keep on keeping on.

there is a good variety coming out of the side gardens, new beds being seeded and planted out. the greenhouse was full, and now planted out, ready for a new flush of seeds sown this february moon. clover is scattered underfoot and undersown in most beds, in an attempt to create the picture of beauty i see in my early morning dreams- a mass of white and red clover flowers, oats, buckwheat, with the scattering of the edible emerging from their cover. fukouka and cannard rubbing off.

cows are hooting and hollering from up on the hill, holding on to their memory of their garden romp. be still your hearts! the rain and the sun are out today, creating the hope of lushness and fertility for your pastures, and for the fields. come what may.


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