winter has come and with it frost every night which lingers until noon. then, layers are shed as the day moves on and it is warm and dry, and I start to dream of warm season crops, and then, reality! it is literally freezing every night in the greenhouse. alas, it is not spring, but winter, and winter-you are truly beautiful.

winter, which all it’s warmth and sunshine, has been busy. greenhouse is built and up, doors added just days ago boost temperatures into the high nineties in early afternoon when sun is just about to tip over that western hill. trays are set with seeds- broccoli raab, onions!, lettuces!, herbs, brassicas. oh, and maybe some tomatoes, for giggles.

many hands now work this land, and boosts of energy and plans and glee-filled labor surround the barn. remnants of community show up in forms of toys found beneath mulch, clementine peelings in a heap on a chair. new spaces have been cover cropped, and lines and lines of salad greens sprout up in newly tilled ground. transplants are laid out neatly by the trayful in a pattern of diagonals – cold hardy and vigorous in these persistently freezing soils.

and we are eating well – tiny lettuce heads fed us daily, mizuna and pac-choi are abundant, along with arugula, kale, chard, leeks. onions, garlic, beets, radishes all grow slowly in these short, cool days but hold on tight.

more and more i am marveling at the capacity of this farm. reading and scheming in the warmth of the greenhouse at last light, i am full of inspiration and hope. full of a practical vision of the next year with many frustrations(!!) and inspirations(!!!) to come. here we go.


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