cover crop sown

today: took apart irrigation lines. broke a few, fixed them up. pull tractor out of barn, rototill (again!), say goodbye to grass. say goodbye to all those tiny sprouts who tried and tried, but were no match to the quick growing grass that suffocated and aborted them. so, fresh start, again.

next- buckets of vetch, peas, crimson clover, and rye. check. farmer strut down the freshly plowed fields, tossing seed into soft earth and stomping them down into a new home. the next part- so long and SO HOT! today, on the equinox, we harrowed the seeds in, raking them into a home just barely underground, snug as a bug. to harrow, used the handy wheel plow, wheeled through, few inches at a time, over the approximately half acre. that done, irrigation was set back up, and seeds on driest side of field were promptly watered in. there is another acre and half chiseled and disced, and waiting for rain to fall, to be then put into cover. irrigation supplies are just too expensive to do it all with the magic rain, waiting for the real thing for the remaining ground.

goodnight and goodluck seeds. may you grow tall and strong and smother out that flippin’ grass for good!!!


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