attack of the pasture grass

pasture seed strikes again. it was tilled in a few times prior to the seeding of our fall crops, but that green shade you see sprouting is not future salads, but your hoeing nightmare! the grass has sprouted in thickets and days before the crops have germinated – making it a nearly impossible situation to mitigate. that pasture grass- it is persistant – infact, it has seniority, the field has been in pasture for who knows how long. so why did I expect that I could till it in and it would never show it’s face again? of course it did! It is teasing me and has caused me to give in.

Cover crop it is! Cover crop, I’ve been secretly dreaming of you, more so even than those rows of arugula that might have been. Cover crop, I can’t wait for your crimson clover to appear! To get lost in your tangle. Please be exceptional! Please, crowd out that bully, the pasture grass, and kindly give it notice that it don’t grow here no more!

So cover crop it is, from now until early spring, and this may be a blessing dear soil, you will reap what I sow. Winter garden site will be expanded once the acorn squash come to maturity – allowing for a fall and winter-time of crop trials in this new soil, at a smaller scale, while the fields grow tall, tall, tall in vetch, rye, clover, peas.

late summer harvests – acorn squash and kale! kale! kale!


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