shovel sharpened

compost piles are accumulating and fields are ripped, spaded, tilled.

winter squash, you were sown in soil so dusty, with just a cut of a spade, and now you stand tall, wide, and are coming into your maturity, deep green and creviced to perfection. tomatoes were planted dustbowl style too, sorry you didn’t like being dry-farmed – flowers, on the other hand, you  thrive. fields, you sit patiently like a field will, waiting for the farmer’s shadow to lavish you with attention and transform your blank canvas into something truly wonderful. the irrigation – we are working on it! oh, oh, oh – you, irrigation!

until then. dustbowl lane, i will continue to wrestle with hoses and keep you alive.

shovel is sharpened, hoe ready.


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